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Android App Coding

1. How to make web to android app simple way to create from android studio.

1. ActivityMain.xml

When you make android app in android studio then your app create based on two main file MainActivity.xml and ActivityMain.Java so here some code of xml and Java you can download and copy paste in to your android studio activity page after you should save and run the app,  xml file is basically main page of design, page look, log-in page, sign-up page and AdSense banner ads.


Java file is basically called nothing but command and it's uses for command this app such that you can see in mobile your mobile operate from firmware command which command use that is you see same as Java file of android studio,  in this Java file stay code command for showing AdSense ads, Webview, etc.  Basically it's use based on xml file what is want to show by command which store in Java file.

Example App:-

Rockmoney app is only website to app that means webview of my official site. Same app you can make from android studio. 

Fplayer app is make only Player app like video Player, music Player, browse internet, etc.  Fir download this app and see how to make any android app from android studio. 



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