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smart phone beamer


I Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
I am contacting you to let you know that our new beamer arrived in our stock today.
Ready to ship today.

Native Resolution: Native 1920x1080P
Brightness: 7000 Lumens
Contrast ratio: 4000:1
The native 1920x1080p support HD beamer is perfect for watching movie and playing video games. With powerful 7000 Lumens brightness,
the HD projector produces sharp image. The Projector is equipped with upgraded LCD and 7000 lumens to deliver premium picture and
more expansive colour for a cinematic viewing experience.
Use wifi wireless sync display your phone screen to big projector screen, you can play games, watch movies.

Pricing for different quantity, including shipping.
1-10 pieces 389.90 per unit
10-100 pieces 359.90 per unit
100-1000 pieces 339.90 per unit

If you would like to order it. Just respond to our email with your delivery address, we will ready the shipment.

If you would like to order it. Just respond to our email with your delivery address, we will ready the shipment.

Jake Hardison

How to Use UX Research to Enhance Your Conversion Strategy: Expert opinion

Hi MD,

If you're someone who takes decisions around website optimization based solely on quantitative visitor data, we've got news for you. Unless you understand the 'why' of visitor engagement, the 'how' is not likely to do much for you.

To help you solve this problem, we've got Shannon Kelly, a member of the UXPA Cleveland board, and responsible for UX strategy, design, iteration, and optimization at OverDrive, for our upcoming webinar.

In this #MastersOfConversion session, Shannon will tell you how you can use qualitative UX research alongside your quantitative data to help drive conversion rate optimization strategies.

You'll learn:
  • Why quantitative data isn't enough
  • Instances where utilizing qualitative data can drive strategy
  • Real-world examples where user experience research helped increase conversion rates
Date & Time: 24th February 2021 | 11:00 AM EST


Shanaz Khan,
Marketing Manager, VWO

VWO (A Wingify product) 14th Floor, KLJ Tower, Netaji Subhash Place Delhi-110034, India
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Cheap Country Targeted website traffic

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Receive local traffic to increase local audience and leads through your

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Ecommerce Optimization - Secrets from Trinity

Hey MD,

Your experimentation program is like the jigsaw puzzle where every missing piece is crucial for achieving the desired output.

To help you get every component right in your program, and identify the right tests to execute, we've invited Craig Smith, CEO at Trinity Insight, for a LIVE webinar on 17th February (Wednesday) at 11 AM EST.

Trinity has been optimizing eCommerce businesses since 2006. Craig will present design examples and data drawn from some of the most impactful tests conducted at Trinity.

Craig will share his thoughts on:
  • Which UX changes should you make to reap conversions?
  • How can you overcome user hesitation and friction within web sessions?
  • How can you gain insights on where and what to change within your website?

Shanaz Khan
Marketing Manager, VWO

VWO (A Wingify product) 1104, 11th Floor, KLJ Tower North B-5, Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura, Delhi – 110034, India
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Fail faster

Hi MD,

Failure hurts. Nobody likes to prioritize failing. That is why we make plans and write extensive roadmaps to ensure our efforts result in wins.

Yet in a world that's increasingly spinning out of control, failure should be seen as the default outcome. Anyone who's competing in a mature market knows that winning is hard and rare.

If your competitors are smart, well funded and are willing to work as hard as you, how do you win? Well, the basic business theory suggests that you win by having a competitive advantage over others. You do things your competitors are not doing.

But most competitive advantages wither away with time. They become common knowledge and hence erode with time. So, the question you should be asking is: what competitive advantage is not commonly known and exploited yet?

I think the answer to that question involves failure. Most organizations are risk averse and do not like failure. And that is what you can convert into an advantage for you. You should fail faster to gain an advantage over others.

You obviously don't want to fail on purpose - there's no glory and advantage in that. By failing faster, I mean killing the projects, ideas and initiatives that have no impact sooner rather than later.

Here's how you do it.

To kill ineffective projects early, make sure every proposed project in your team is getting measured against an existing baseline. You can use A/B testing for that. No matter what you do - tweak your AdWords bidding strategy, launch of a new product, or hire a new team - unless you A/B test an initiative against either not doing anything or the current implementation, you'll not know whether there's any impact of the effort you're putting in.

The most commonly acknowledged benefit of A/B testing is increase in conversion rate. But an even bigger benefit is freeing up organizational resources and bandwidth from things that don't work.

Finding out something isn't working out sooner allows you to put your resources behind something that may actually work. In that sense, a failed A/B test needs to be celebrated as much as a successful A/B test because without the A/B test, you may have made changes directly and would have realized too late that you've actually made things worse. In the meantime, your team members, your organizational bandwidth, your mental space - all would have been occupied by something that is not working (but you're not aware of it because you haven't A/B tested it).

Embracing failure is still uncommon and that is why the most successful companies use it as their competitive advantage. Google kills tens of products each year. Facebook's mantra is "move fast and break things".

So, what seems like a failure from the outside is really their secret sauce.

If you have a story of how failure of a project actually worked in your favor, do share your story with me. I read and reply to all responses :)

Paras Chopra
Founder and Chairman, VWO

@paraschopra on Twitter

PS: These letters are getting cross-posted on our website too. Read my past letters here.

VWO (A Wingify product) 1104, 11th Floor, KLJ Tower North B-5, Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura, Delhi – 110034, India
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Clap To Find My Phone

Clap your hands and always find your lost device in this clap to find app.

Clapping hand

Clap To Find My Phone is a free app that enables you to find your device by clapping. This app is very useful when you forget where you placed your phone. It also offers other features like a flashlight on call, flash alert on app notification, flashlight on SMS, caller name talker, SMS speaker, battery level alert as well as call block and PIN protection features. The Don’t Touch feature allows you to inform when somebody touches your phone. This phone finder app permits you to set different notification tones, volumes for either feature. All the features are introduced in this smart app.

Features of this app:

# Find lost phone only by clapping
# Select any ring to find your phone
# Flashlight Strobe/ Signal with more settings options
# Set battery level for flash notification
# Time settings for DND modes
# Caller name talker system
# Speaks all your SMS content loudly
# Set pitch of speech sound
# More Security settings for phone protection

How to use Clap To Find My Phone app?
Don't confuse about how to find my phone. We already provided total procedure in Information tag under the “Clap to Find” section. Here it is:

1. Click on the “Find My Phone” button to enable this feature.
2. Enable the toggle button. Now you are able to use this feature.
3. You can adjust the sound frequency, notification and flash blink speed in “Setting”
4. ”Select Tone” to set your desired tone.
5. Frequency/Sensitivity is based on surrounding to detect your phone that you can set from 1 to 10.
6. You can set the flash on/off or set interval timing to vary from 50 to 1500 ms.

Other high-end features of Clap To Find My Phone app:
If you couldn’t find your phone and you are thinking where is my phone then you can use this app. The app contains three main features that described below:

Clap To Find:
This section includes the settings for finding your phone by clapping. It has four sub-tags: Find my phone, Select Tone, Setting, and Information. Find my Phone allowing you to enable or disable the feature and its settings. In the second one, you can select the alert ringtone. Three tones are available there by default or you can choose from your storage from the button placed below “Select Tone From Phone”

Well, the settings section is another tag for other features of this app. In this section, you can find similar elements classified as below:

If you want flash when an incoming call or message, then you can enable the first option Flash Alert. This option covers two toggles for call and SMS. You can change its setting from the button from the top-right corner. The setting includes flash mode, notification setting, flash count, blinking speed and DND mode settings. The preview button is also available below.

The second option in the Clap To Find My Phone app is Call Block, which contains call blocking features. You can add any number or choose from your contact list. The add entry button is placed at the top-right corner.

The third option is Caller Name announcer, this feature speaks the person’s name who is calling you or SMS you. You can set prefix and suffix as well as SMS settings and speech speed.

The Charger Detection and Battery Alerts are quite identical. You can set the tone when your phone connects or disconnects with the charger. It alerts when the battery level goes down by a selected percentage. It also allows you to protect your phone with a PIN security system. Here, though by default police siren tone is set, you can set your favorite tone from your phone by tapping the “Select Tone From Phone” button. You can secure your phone by setting a 4 digit PIN.

Don’t Touch
If you want to get an alarm when somebody touches your phone, you can use the “Don’t Touch” feature. This attribute includes flash setting, tone selection, PIN security system and volume setting.

Download Clap To Find My Phone free app and give your reviews and ratings.