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Top 10 Computer Tips And Tricks

How to add a child or adult user in windows 10

s or colleagues, you want to make each of them your login. Each user has their own desktop layout, their own set of data folders, and their own start menu. You can also create child accounts that restrict the websites and apps that your children can use while reporting all the activities to your children. Windows 10 describes how to add adult users, parents and children.
Navigate to Settings. You can get there from the start menu and click on account.
Click Family and other users in the left window pane.
Click "Add a family member" or "Add someone else to this PC". Choose "Family Members" if you are either adding a child or adding an adult who needs to access parental control settings for child users. If a child is not using this computer, then "Add someone else" should be used.
How to grant user administrator permissions
If you want one of your adult users, whether they are parents or not, to be able to install desktop software, change settings, or add other users, you will need to give them administrator permission.
Open the control panel. You can get there by hitting Windows + X and selecting Control Panel.
Open the User Accounts menu and click Manage Another Account.
Select the account to which you want to grant administrator rights.
Click "Change Account Type".
Choose Admin and click Change Account Type button.
How to add another adult user
Click "Add someone else to this PC".
Enter the person's email address and click Next. This address must be associated with the person's Microsoft account.
Click finish
How to add a child
Click "Add a family member" and then "Add a child".
Enter the child's Microsoft account email address. If they do not have a Microsoft account, you will have to sign them up for one. If your child is too young to have an email address and you click "The person I want to add does not have an email address", you will need to create a Microsoft account and the corresponding @ email address for them Will be motivated for It is unfortunate that Microsoft requires child accounts to email, but parents can use their own email addresses or create a dummy.
Click Confirm.
Click Close. The child's email account will receive an invitation.
How to add parents
A parent is just like any other adult user, but they also have the right to manage the child's settings.
Click Add a Family Member and then select Adult, enter the email address and click Next. The email account must be linked to the new user's Microsoft account.
Click Confirm.
The person will receive an email invitation and must confirm it.

How to block certain websites from opening on your computer.

t from my laptop. But you noticed that they visit some sites that you don't like. Such as some download sites, Youtube and other sites which consume a lot of data. You can easily blog any site from your computer using this awesome computer trick.
Hold down the Windows key + letter R, the run box appears.
Type this code% windir% \ system32 \ driver \ etc in the run box and press the Enter key. This will open the etc folder.
This etc folder contains a file called host and some other files. We are interested in the host file here.
But accessing the host file through the above step will not give you access to save your settings at the end of the day, I just want you to look at the folder before following the correct step.
Click Start and search for Notepad, right click on Notepad and choose Run as Administrator.
Look at the taskbar on notepad> click File> Open> This PC> Local Disk C:> Windows> System 32> Driver> etc.
When you access this folder, you change the Text Documents drop down box to All Files at the bottom of the Notepad open box.
Double click on the host and type the following code at the bottom of the page website you want to block you want to block Another website you want to block www.another website you want to block
You can follow the above pattern to add as many websites as you want.

How to use two network connections to boost your internet speed

r. This, as a result, leads to an increase in Internet speed.
Open the Control Panel and then go to the Network and Sharing Center
Select all active connections (use CTRL + click to select multiple connections)
Right click on one of the selected connections and then choose Bridge Connection
A network bridge will be created and thus your selected internet connection will be combined.

How to change windows 10 start menu. 

ular tool for quickly accessing favorite apps and restarting or shutting down a computer or tablet. While this feature is mostly known for its functionality, the Start menu is also incredibly customizable and can be changed to reflect your personal design aesthetic and workflow.
How to change windows 10 start menu color
The Windows 10 Start Menu color is based on the custom accent color that you must have selected when setting up your device. The accent color settings will change the color of select parts of the Windows 10 operating system such as the app window and taskbar. Here's how to change it.
Open the Start menu using your keyboard, Cortana, or the Windows button on the lower-left of your screen.
Click the Settings gear icon to open the settings and click Personalization.
From the left menu, click Colors.
Click on your favorite color from the available options. The accent color of your system will update in real time.
If you want your Windows 10 Start menu to be of a solid color, uncheck the option under Transparency Effects
How to get windows 8 start screen in windows 10
One of the defining aspects of the Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating systems was the start screen which functioned like a full-screen start menu. It was replaced in Windows 10 with a smaller Start menu, but a way to bring back the Start screen that does not require installation of any third-party software. Here's how to bring the start screen back.
Press the Windows key to open the Start menu.
Click Settings and then click Personalization.
Click Start from the left menu and click Start Full Screen Use.
Your Start menu will now fill the entire screen upon opening and will function almost exactly like the Windows 8 Start Screen.
How to customize windows 10 start menu size
There are two main options that can be used to change the size of the Windows 10 Start menu.
Add more tiles. Enabling this option will add an additional vertical row of tiles to the Start menu, allowing more tiles to be viewed, as the name of the setting suggests. When enabled, this setting will make the start menu slightly wider than normal. This setting can be found by opening the Windows 10 Settings app, clicking Personalization, and then clicking Start from the left menu.
Resizing menus manually. After opening the Windows 10 Start menu, you can manually resize it by clicking on the top-right corner and dragging it to the size or height you wish. Alternatively, the Start menu can also be resized on Windows 10 devices with a touchscreen using the finger in place of the mouse.
How to resize and move Windows 10 start menu pins
All start menu pins can be moved by simply clicking on them and dragging them to the desired location. A variety of size options are also available for many Windows 10 app pins, which can be selected to create more space for other pins or to display additional information on the pin of the pin.
To change the shape of a pin tile, right-click on it to bring up its menu, click Resize, and then select your preferred size.
How to pin apps in windows 10 start menu
All Windows 10 apps can be pinned to the Start menu. Pinning apps to the Start menu makes them easy to do, which can be particularly useful for apps that you use regularly. Here's how to pin an app
Press the Windows key to open the Start menu, and locate the app that you want to pin to the app list.
Right-click on the app's name or icon to bring up its options menu. Alternatively, you can also do a long press on it if your Windows 10 device has a touchscreen.
Click on the pin to start. The app will immediately appear on the right side of the app list on your start menu.
How to turn on and off windows 10 live tiles
Many apps support live tile functionality that allows their pinned tiles to display updated information or images without the need to open the app. Examples of live tile content include weather forecasts, news headlines, message notifications, and fitness data.
To activate or deactivate a pin's live tile, right-click on it to bring up its menu, click More, and then click on or off the live tile.
How to pin websites in windows 10 start menu
Like apps, websites can also be pinned to the Windows 10 Start menu. Here's how to do it.
Open Microsoft Edge Internet Browser.
Click on the ellipse in the upper-right corner.
Click on this page to start.
That web page will now appear as a pin on your start menu, which can be moved and shaped like app pins.

How to change your password in window 10.

n windows 10
Microsoft gives you three different options to make your device secure. We have tested each method and found out how to change your password in Windows 10 in several simple steps. You can always choose a new password - we recommend using a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. It is usually best if these passwords are at least eight characters long, and although we recommend you use an alphanumeric password format because it is more secure, you can also change your password to a PIN or image That lets you sign in to your Microsoft account faster.
To change / set password
Click the Start button at the bottom left of your screen, and then click Settings from the list to the left.
Select the accounts and sign-in options from the menu.
Click Change under Change your account password.
To change your password, you must sign in with your current Microsoft account password. Enter your password in the box. Click on Sign In.
Microsoft will send you a new code to change your password through the phone number associated with your account. Enter the last four digits of your phone number to verify that it is the correct number. Press Enter.
You will receive a code on your phone. Enter the code.
A new page will direct you to enter your old password and then type in a new password. Re-enter new password. Press Enter.
If you see this message then you have successfully changed your password!
Change your password to PIN
Click the Start button at the bottom left of your screen, and then click Settings from the list to the left.
Select the accounts and sign-in options from the menu.
Click Change under Change your account password.
To change your password, you must sign in with your current Microsoft account password. Enter your password in the box. Click on Sign In.
Within the sign-in options, click Add under PIN.
To change your password, you must sign in with your current Microsoft account password. Enter your password in the box. Click on Sign In.
Enter a new PIN in the first box and re-enter it in the second. Click OK. Now you can use this PIN to sign in to your Microsoft account.
Change your password to a picture password
Click the Start button at the bottom left of your screen, and then click Settings from the list to the left.
Select the accounts and sign-in options from the menu.
Click Change under Change your account password.
To change your password, you must sign in with your current Microsoft account password. Enter your password in the box. Click on Sign In.
Within the sign-in options, click Add under Picture Password.
Enter your Microsoft account password to verify your account. Click OK.
Click on Choose Picture. Choose a photo from your files.
If you like it then click on use this picture or if you don't then click on choose new picture. You can drag your photo according to your position.
You have to set three gestures which will become part of your picture password. With your cursor, draw lines or circles that coordinate with your photo.
If you see this message then you have successfully created your picture password! This picture will appear when you sign in to your Microsoft account. Just return your gestures and you will be signed in.


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