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📢 Update #12 from MOREFINE S500: Powerful AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX Mini PC


New Campaign Update!

The MOREFINE S500: Powerful AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX Mini PC team just posted.

posted by MOREFINE

Sep 13, 2021 • 4:36AM PDT

Alloy Casing + CPU and Hard Disk Insulation Design

Dear backers:
Currently the hottest topic in the industry is the problem of 5900HX CPU insulation and cooling fan reasonable design , In response to this issue, MOREFINE to carry out details of additional information:
1, The product shell is an aluminum alloy shell is more conducive to heat dissipation,
This originated from the design of Apple notebooks.
2, CPU peripheral devices covered with high-temperature insulation mylar, to prevent the risk of short circuit.
3. Comes with 2.5 inch hard drive insulation protective sticker to prevent the hard drive from contacting the motherboard device when installed to cause a short circuit.
We can not make 100% of our supporters satisfied. But we will do our best to do a good job product details, the product to perfection! 2021 morefine there is 1 more Portable MIN PC listed crowdfunding,
2022 there is 1 more machine listed crowdfunding,

New packaging design update :

We have made a new design for the product's box, the result is shown below.
Note: All orders will be in the new packaging.
Thank you for your support, we will not let you down!


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