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Facebook changed its name to Meta

Facebook Changed it's Name to Meta ___ By Facebook Change Name?  Facebook changed its name to Meta. Meta Facebook has changed its name. The world will now be known as Meta. Founder Mark Zuckerberg announced in a meeting that the world would now know the name of Facebook as Meta.Mark Zuckerberg has long wanted to rebrand the social media platform, which has now been accomplished. They want to give a different identity, an identity that is completely different from the world, such a new name in the world, a new identity, a new brand Wise to Mark Zuckerberg is such a genius who does not need any name, his name is enough. But want to give a new feature released by a new platform to its users.Actually why did Facebook change its meta name? Even though Facebook is telling the steps towards social media, but knowing it is looking at it from another perspective. Those wishing that Facebook has been the biggest scrutinized that side is running out. For many years, there have