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How do I delete a video in TikTok (Tik Tok)

How do I delete a video TikTok Follow my instructions and delete tiktok video easily.  After completing the instructions please goto my YouTube channel and see video how to remove permanently video from tiktok.  Step-by-Step Picture First you have to go tiktok main page and after go to profile see below After gon to profile  you can click on video what you want to delete your video will be played.  Shown below Here you seen three dots in below right side click on icon you see button some option will be shown just go to delete button after click delete you can delete right now.  Thank you Enjoy your self.  Please  Please Show Video

Why am i seeing only Tiktock ads on youtube

Hi Today I am defined you that why always show Tiktock video Ads on YouTube First I should you see one picture then you can deside that maximum peaple want this.  We want to make virul video of my Tiktok so basically people see the who can advertising of my video I will pay money listen carefully who can advertise of my tiktok videoso most people go to the Google because the Google is the largest search engines in the world so you can also go to Adword and sign-up account create your adword account add money on the wallet create your ads which is want to advertising.  How to create account, create ads compaign click on  Link Create Adword  Account. Thank you share the post.