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Identify Security Threats

Networking Security

Security threats can be of many types varing from a simple program that keeps on displaying annoying pop-up ads while your surf, to a malicious program that damages the operating system.
Let us study some of the most common security threats.

> Virus- A virus is a harmful piece of code that is programmed to cause inconvenience to the user by corrupting or destroying the files in the user's computer. Some of the viruses may even damage the operating system. A virus spreads by creating exact copies of itself and infecting other applications without the knowledge of the user. But it is dependent upon a host file or boot sector to do so.

> Worm - A worm is a replicating program that runs independently and spreada through vulnerablities in network services.  The most common method of propagation used by worms is by carrying themselves through email attachment, the worm infect this computer too.

> SPYWARE- Spyware is software that is installed on the user'…

Diagnosing Problems Using Network Map

Network MapNetwork mapping is an important feature of windows vista used to find all the devices connected to the network. It represents all the devices in a graphic way. It uses link Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD)  protocol. 
To display the map
1. click Start > Control panel. The control panel window appears. 
2. Select the NETWORK AND INTERNET icon. The network and internet window  appears. 
3. Select the NETWORK AND SHARING CENTER icon. The network and sharing center screen appears. 

4. Click VIEW FULL MAP. The network map window appears as shown in below 

Network mapping works on only private And domain network location with both wired and wireless networks. Windows Vista does not allow you to view the map for a public network. LLTD protocol maps the computers in a single subnet for example connection setup for home or small office. 
Some devices are shown separately map window. This may occur because all operating system and devices are not supported by LLTD or the devices are not c…

Stenographer Grade 'C' and 'D' Examination, 2019

I  am going to tell about SSC stenographer Grade C and D Examination 2019
First you register your account at SSC.nic.in after registration complete you see the list of your vacancy post like this site Rockmoney (Computer trick basic knowledge) 

Which one is apply the post click apply button on the below post of left side after apply ask your qualifications criteria and other personal information after the submit form click yes because you pay the examination fee after complete the fee you wait for admit card go to examination center in which you choose during fillup the form best of luck

Operating System Basic Introduction

Introduction All computers need basic software known as an Operating System (OS) to function. The OS acts as interface between the user, application programs, hardware, and system peripherals show on below

The operating System is the first software to be loaded when a computer boots up. Application programs are loaded after the Operating System. Users interact with the computer and software through the OS. The OS interprets input given by a user through a keyboard, mouse, or other input device and takes appropriate action. 

Operating system can be of two types:- Network operating system (NOS)  and simple stand alone desktop O. S I.e Client O. S for example :- 
Only PC loaded with NOS can act as server. PC loaded with NOS or Client OS can act as client. 
Microsoft Operating System  DOS version The Combination of Microsoft DOS and Microsoft Windows 3.1x was the most popular operating system until 1995. In 1995, Microsoft releases Window 95, Which was then upgraded to Window 98. Windows 95 is a…

Happy dipawali wish 2019

Introduction To Excel 2007

Introduction to Excel 2007
Introduction :- Microsoft office excel is a most popular and widely used spreadsheet program. It is a powerful tool for analyzing, sharing and managing information to make more informed decisions. Analysis of data involves performance statistical and mathematical calculations (such as totalling, averaging), presenting data in the form of graphs and relating tables of data from one source to generate a consolidated data etc. Excel can be used for a variety of applications. It is commonly used to automate financial statements, business forecasts, inventory control and accounting. The package provides statistical, financial and scientific functions. Therefore, Excel can be used in many scientific and engineering environment to analyze numeric data. 

Office Excel 2007 delivers a new, result-oriented interface, enhanced formulae use, rich data visualization, professional looking charts and tables and pivotTable views that are easy to create and use. 

New Features in…

The number of ads you can show has been limited

Adsense getting Error of more people ads has been limited 
I am also getting erorr massage from adsense so I will going to say about how to fix them care fully see below. 

First you go to ads button after you can show ad balance after going to ad balance click on view experiment. See below


After going to experiment go to choose option and confirm for delete after deleted experiment you again go-to experiment and create new experiment here I am also done this process that's why I can not delete but you doing first and remove all older ad uniter

After going to done most important point is go to your website or youtube monetization option you stop the run ads if you stop them and after 2 days run only one ads you will show your ads will be show but you 
check Bing browser not see Google crome your ads will be shown only Bing browser after 5 days your ads show on every browser don't worry for this erorr it's not difficul

This is automatic generated erorr and most people getting…

Shairy 2019


Hamne Har shakhsh KO dildara shojat paya, 
Use maqsud jahan me ishrat paya,
Dil me hamari tamanna hai Ke mashhur rahe,
Ajb me naam rahe bajm me majkur rahe,

Hamne tajir Ke bhi sar me Yahi sauda dekha yani shohrat Ki talab aur taqaja dekha,

Chahta Hun Ke WO mashhur ho bajaron me
Uske sarmaya Ke taarif ho akhbaro me.

Sufion Ki hai tamnna unhe dunya jaane
Aalimo ki yah khawahish nahi unhe aalim jane

hamne shohrat pe tabibo KO bhi marte dekha
Dam usi jaane jahan ka unhe marte dekha Jis KO dekha wah hai mushtaq lagae shohrat
Jis ko paya use paya hai fidaye shohrat. Ulgarj marne pe bhi rahta hai shohrat SAHIL
Yahi shohrat yahi to hai gaete looh sharbat.


Ab bhi ek umar me jine ka na andaj aya,
Jindagi chhorde pichha mera mai baaj Aya.

Ap jise kahte the aasna ap jise kahte the bewafa,
Mai wahi hu momin mubtla tumhe yaad hoke bhi na yad Hu.

Yah raaj kisi ko nahi malum ki momin,
Qari najar ata hai haqiqat me hai quraan.

Meri har shairy tere jajbat se…


National voter service is lunched in India in this portal you have to make new registration , correction,  add family member every one 

I am going to give link for all about nvsp. 

Becarefull all information about your voter I'd and family voter I'd your unenrollement member add first time all about your information will be permanent when you want to download, add,  and correction about your self or your family you absulatly change but you should try no body leave from adding in this portal is uploading last date government announced 15- oct- 2019 in this period all people can add other wise I did know what will happend. 
New Registration 
Please shared more because it's important to us.. 
All people prepared your documents coming soon NRC 
Please share

How do I delete a video in TikTok (Tik Tok)

How do I delete a video TikTok
Follow my instructions and delete tiktok video easily. 

After completing the instructions please goto my YouTube channel and see video how to remove permanently video from tiktok. 
Step-by-Step Picture
First you have to go tiktok main page and after go to profile see below

After gon to profile  you can click on video what you want to delete your video will be played.  Shown below

Here you seen three dots in below right side click on icon you see button some option will be shown just go to delete button after click delete you can delete right now. 

Thank you Enjoy your self. 
Please Show Video

How to create account on google adword and create campaign

First your email address and submit get offer code then your I'd will be made after I will where you can go and make ad. 

Go to the COMPAIGN option where you see plus mark. See below pic. 

After Click ➕ sign click on new compaign see below. 

After click new then you can enter your ad name scroll below

Only see in the picture

Final submit your ads is showing on YouTube. 
In this compaign requirement point see one by one I will help you. 
1. Ad Name 2. Your Video Link 3. Video Title Name 4. Video description 5. Where you want to show like YouTube, website, google search engine or etc... 
Thank you

Why am i seeing only Tiktock ads on youtube

Hi Today I am defined you that why always show Tiktock video Ads on YouTube
First I should you see one picture then you can deside that maximum peaple want this.  We want to make virul video of my Tiktok so basically people see the who can advertising of my video I will pay money listen carefully who can advertise of my tiktok videoso most people go to the Google because the Google is the largest search engines in the world so you can also go to Adword and sign-up account create your adword account add money on the wallet create your ads which is want to advertising. 
How to create account, create ads compaign click on Link Create Adword Account.
Thank you share the post.



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