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How you can make the most out of your PPC campaigns

Improve your ROI by Focusing on Customer Intent Hey MD, If your PPC campaign strategy begins with choosing keywords and writing ads, and ends with sending your visitors to a landing page related to the keyword - you're most likely spending a lot of money with suboptimal returns. To help you plan a PPC campaign that yields the most results, we are hosting Jeff Loquist , Director of Optimization at SiteTuners , for a VWO Webinar on the 14th of April, 2021 at 11 AM EST . Jeff has spent a decade creating, implementing, and optimizing paid, organic, and overall marketing strategies. In the session, he will discuss how focusing on customer intent can maximize your ROI. He will also talk about: How matching keywords of an ad to a landing page is only half the battle Why disqualifying traffic is just as important as qualifying it REGISTER NOW Cheers, Shanaz Khan Marketing Manager, VWO VWO (A Wingify product) 1104, 11th Floor, KLJ T

A/B testing the covid19 vaccine

Hi MD, Vaccines for covid19 were first developed a year ago and finally they're here. What took them so long? The answer to this question points to the most significant A/B test conducted in recent history: the clinical trials for making sure vaccines are safe and effective against the covid19 virus. From Vaccine Clinical Trials 101 These clinical trials take so long because they're divided into three phases, with each phase testing a different aspect of the vaccine. This 3 stage design has taken shape over multiple decades with thousands of scientists informing how it should be run. Because human lives are at stake, clinical trials of vaccines are done very carefully. Be too hasty, and an unsafe vaccine can get released. But be too careful, and many more lives can be lost from the unchecked pandemic. This tradeoff leads to thoughtful design of clinical trials of vaccines and hence for the conversion optimization industry, there'

robot cleaner for home and office

Hi, Hope you have a good day. We would like to let you know that we have got one new robot vacuum cleaner in our warehouse. Ready for shipping. Features: 1.Soft cotton water absorbent cloth, water absorbent cloth can effectively lock moisture to prevent the wet sticky floor. 2.Large capacity, 120 minutes long endurance 3.Black technology anti-lock design, to avoid the motor winding caused by idle motor burning phenomenon. 4.Bottom cleaning experts, ultra-thin fuselage can be just-right' to clean the bottom of the home. 5.Super' ultraviolet sterilization, while sweeping sterilization, let your life full of health. 6.Extra-long hexagon edge brush, extend the cleaning range 7.Intelligent to prevent drop sensing, to the edge can sense the height drop, know self-protection. 8.One key to start the operation, convenient and fast. Pricing for different quantity: 1-5 pieces 129.00 each 6-50 pieces 119.00 each 50-100 pieces 109.90 each u s d If you like to order it, please re

How to formulate test hypotheses that fetch you wins

Haley Carpenter, Senior CX Strategist at Speero by CXL, on the user research and prioritization aspects of hypothesis creation Hey MD, An effective, clear, and actionable hypothesis is the first step towards the success of any test. However, having worked with thousands of clients, we know that this is where many stumble. To help you improve your process of hypothesis creation, we've invited Haley Carpenter, Senior CX Strategist at Speero by CXL , for a LIVE webinar on 17th March (Wednesday) at 11 AM EST. In the session, Haley will share how she uses two practical frameworks to get the most out of any testing program: The ResearchXL framework (which helps understand what you need to uncover about your users) The PXL prioritization framework (which helps in ranking your hypotheses so you can focus on those with the highest payoffs) REGISTER NOW Cheers, Shanaz Khan Marketing Manager, VWO VWO (A Wingify product) 1104, 11th Floor, KLJ

cheap whitehat monthly SEO Plans

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