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How to build a regional growth marketing strategy

Learn from real-life examples of campaign teardowns at Mixpanel Hi MD, Applying principles of agile marketing and experimentation to grow a broad market like EMEA is daunting. With many sub-regions that demand localization, it is difficult to iterate rapidly, especially for regional teams that are often resource-constrained. To help you tackle this, we are hosting Charlie Windschill, Sr. Growth Marketing Manager, EMEA + LATAM at Mixpanel , for our next #Masters of Conversion series session. In this webinar, Charlie will share how she grew Mixpanel's marketing performance for the EMEA region exponentially year-over-year. You will learn: How to set goals that enable regional growth marketing How to apply growth hacking techniques to tried and true regional marketing tactics How to break away from the traditional regional marketing approach. How Mixpanel executed this approach with a real-life campaign teardown Date & Time: 5 May 2021 | 11:

[OPTIMIZED] Impact on PageSpeed score due to A/B Testing script

Hi MD, I am reaching out to you with this exciting news as you have interacted with VWO (an A/B testing & user insights platform loved by over 2,500~ brands globally) in the past or have consumed one of our A/B testing related content resources. Now, having VWO JavaScript code installed on your website to run A/B tests or capture user behavior insights will not negatively impact your PageSpeed (PSI) score . Read all about this new update here . Why is this important? PSI Score is a critical factor in Google search engine ranking as it uses mobile devices to measure performance. A better PSI score in turn reduces the impact of using VWO on SEO for your website. This will also help with the upcoming google page experience update. TRY VWO FREE FOR 30 DAYS OR REQUEST A PERSONALIZED DEMO Here is a screenshot of a sample page with a VWO JavaScript code installed, check out the PageSpeed score: Please feel free to reply to this email. I

Monthly SEO Plans

Just checked your website and it could really use a boost If you ever need Google updates free whitehat SEO plans, we are the right team for you Results oriented monthly plans to make your SEO trend climb like never before

Predict A/B test results using ancient Indian astrology

Hi MD, We at VWO have a mission to help marketing and product teams reduce the time and effort required for figuring what works best for their business and what doesn't. In 2010, we pioneered the Do-It-Yourself visual editor for business teams for editing webpages and creating their variations for A/B tests without involving IT teams. That innovation cut the effort to launch an A/B test from weeks to hours and the A/B testing industry hasn't been the same ever since. But, as anyone who has run an A/B test knows, you still have to wait for weeks in order to start getting statistical significant results about which version is better. We've been wondering if there's a way to cut this wait period as well. Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a way to instantly know which version is going to win without waiting weeks or months for the data to arrive? Can AI help? The first research direction we turned to was the booming AI technology. Yo