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Diagnosing Problems Using Network Map

Network Map Network mapping is an important feature of windows vista used to find all the devices connected to the network. It represents all the devices in a graphic way. It uses link Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD)  protocol.  To display the map 1. click Start > Control panel. The control panel window appears.  2. Select the NETWORK AND INTERNET icon. The network and internet window  appears.  3. Select the NETWORK AND SHARING CENTER icon. The network and sharing center screen appears.  4. Click VIEW FULL MAP. The network map window appears as shown in below  Network mapping works on only private And domain network location with both wired and wireless networks. Windows Vista does not allow you to view the map for a public network. LLTD protocol maps the computers in a single subnet for example connection setup for home or small office.  Some devices are shown separately map window. This may occur because all operating system and devices are not supported by LLTD or the