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What is the meaning of G on Parle-G packet

GK Questions: What is the meaning of G on Parle-G packet?  Know the answers to such interesting questions:- GK Tricky Questions: Questions from General Knowledge topic are asked in almost every competitive examinations.  For its preparation, students have often been seen taking help of thick books and competition guides.  But there is no fixed syllabus for this subject.  This is the reason that questions are asked from the General Knowledge subject only from the written examination till the written interview round. The Civil Services Exam interview conducted by UPSC is considered to be the toughest as the officials ask awkward and confusing questions from the candidates.  IAS interview is the most important part of the exam process.  In the interview round, sometimes such questions are asked which are related to the things around us but we are not aware of them.  Let us know the answers to some such questions (GK Tricky Questions). Question 1- Why are chilies hot?  Answer- A compo

Do CRO the right way!

Learn from VWO in-house CRO expert. Hi MD, Running a successful CRO program demands attention to detail, avoiding pitfalls, and not giving in to intuition or gut feeling. But more often than not, CRO practitioners fail to keep these in check. So how does one ensure successful execution of their CRO program? In our next webinar, Nancy Thakur, VWO's Sr. Optimization Consultant, will walk you through the key elements that can help you run your CRO program the right way. She will discuss: How to conduct research to generate data-driven high impacting hypotheses The importance of prioritization frameworks Things to consider before implementing a test Interpreting your test results A must-attend for all CRO practitioners, product owners, and marketers. Date : 30th June 2021 Time : 11 AM EST REGISTER NOW PS: If the webinar timing doesn't work for you, simply register for the session and we'll send the recording and deck

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Reimagining conversion rates as a function of time

Hi MD, Conversion rate computation is a common practice when it comes to monitoring performance in businesses. If you want to determine how many leads have converted, you simply divide the total number of conversions by the total number of leads. This approach works well when conversions take place within a short time (a few hours). However, when conversions take place after a significant delay of days, weeks, or even months, how do you ensure that you're computing your conversion rate correctly? The problem with delayed conversions When the conversion is delayed, visits are labeled as non-conversions without sufficient observation allocated to them. Suppose you care about the lead-to-purchase rate of an expensive product. You may get thousands of leads for that product; however, a purchase can take several days or weeks from the day of the customer's first visit. So if a visitor is marked non-converted after her initial visit, it will lead to a highly reduced c

The alternative to A/B tests that minimizes your conversion loss

Multi-armed Bandits - testing for success Hi MD, In your quest to optimize conversions, have you been incurring losses? In A/B tests, a sizable portion of your traffic is routed to a losing variant directly reducing your business metrics (like sales or conversions). Besides, when you're in time-sensitive situations, you can't wait for statistical significance AND lose out on conversions! So what do you do? You opt for Multi-Armed Bandit (MAB) testing. In our next webinar, VWO's Data Scientists Ishan Goel and Anshul Gupta will take you through what Multi-armed Bandit is, when you should use MAB instead of A/B testing, and when you shouldn't. They will also discuss: How to choose between AB and MAB for your experiments and use case The difference between AB testing and MAB testing (with the help of real-life intuitions) How VWO's Bayesian MAB algorithm works How to curb bias in MAB reports and perform a statistically valid test If

Business Traffic Plans

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