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Social Media of Saudi Arabia Best use in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Social Media, Statistics 2020 (Infographics)- GMI.

2020 Saudi Arabia, currently has a total, 
population of 33.85 million. Of that population, 23
million or 68%, are active social media users.
According to reports, from Hoot Suite and, We are
Social, Saudis are the largest group, of active
users on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat in the

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Social media statistics, in Saudi Arabia, 
2020-Saudi Arabia, currently has a total
population, of 33.85 million. Of that population, 23
million or 68% are active social media users.

Social media, and digital, in Saudi Arabia: 2020 report. 
Jan 30, 2019 - Saudi currently has the, world's
largest monthly, active Snapchat audience, with
almost 14m users. However, since the end of
2019, there's been a.

The Most, Used Social Media, Platform In Saudi Arabia, 2020
Instagram is ranked, as the second most used, 
social media platform, by Saudi Arabia internet, 
users with a rate, of 13 million active monthly, 
users. Twitter comes next .

Over 18 million users, of social media programs, and
Saudi Arabia, ranked first among, Arab countries, 
and second worldwide, in the use of Snapchat.
WhatsApp and Facebook, had the top, rates of
social networking.

Is Saudi Arabia, Addicted to Social Media.? - Culture Trip, 
Apr 24, 2018- According, to Crowd Analyzer's, 
State, of Social Media 2018, Saudi Arabia has the, 
largest number, of users on Instagram, Twitter. 


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