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Download the app and install, after create backlink in free. Only comment backlink you will create, After opening app you can see below comments box, Only Create do follow backlink for your site, If you want to ranked your website in the too of google Search Engine then apply And Make more do follow backlink for your site. And create backlink from high DA PA. High quality backlink create for your website. 

Some time your website is Ranked on the google top page, if your article is unique but more time your website is ranked from backlink, if you want to check my website so go to google search and search "rockbrowser" if you see the top of first page. Because I was ranked from rockbrowser and I have more backlinks, but some time without backlink your page is ranked in top of google search engine.  So I suggest you create more backlinks, and ranked your website. 

Google introduced the term dofollow link in 2005 to reduce spam indexing in search engines and improve search engine results. Only Dofollow links propagate link jus to the linked web page and affect the rank of the target page.

How to identify dolphin links?

To identify this, you do not need any advanced coding knowledge. Simple basic HTML can help you with the same. The "relay attribute" of the links defines the type of link, and by testing this attribute, you can well judge whether it is a dofollow or noflow links. 

<a href="" rel="dofollow"> example 1 </a>


<a href=""> example 2 </a>


<a href="" rel="external"> example 3 </a>

Rel Dofollow - All three links above are dofollow, meaning if a link does not have the rel attribute, it is a dofollow link. On the other hand, a nofollow link should be marked as REL No follow tag.

<a href="" rel="nofollow"> example 4 </a>


<a href="" rel="exteral nofollow"> example 5 </a>

Both of the above links are nofollow. For them, the Rel tag should be set to "nofollow".

What is the dofollow link?

Dofollow Link Benefits

To improve your Google page ranking, you have to get a quality backlink. If you are a beginner, you may be wondering if a nofollow link does not pass link jus, so it does not affect your Google page ranking. So to get a good page rank you have to create a dolphol backlink (instruct spiders / bots to follow this link).

»Improves page rank.

»Improves blog authority in Google's view.

»Content ranks high for many keywords.

»A high page rank attracts advertisers.

Multiple dolphin links from the same web page

If multiple links point to the same web page, the Google bot considers the first link and ignores the others. So if a web page has two links pointing to the same page and 2 links from another website, the first number is nofollow and the second link is dofollow, then Google bot considers the first link and the other one Ignores, so in such a scenario the bot ignores the doflow link and does not pass any link jus. The same rule also applies to internal links.

How the page number controls the flow of "PageRank Sculpture"

Let me explain this with an example. Suppose one of my web pages has 10 links pointing to other web sites and two of these 10 links are nofollow (rel = "nofollow"). In this case, 20% of the link juice is worthless and the remaining 80% of the link juice will be split between 8 Dolpho Ballinks. I hope  made it clear. 

How to improve website ranking with internal dofollow links

According to Matt Cutts, head of Google's web spam team, we should use rel = "dofollow" for internal page linking, as it would allow page rankings to flow to other web pages and improve overall website ranking. is. . However, after the Panda and Penguin updates, variable anchor text is important during interconnection. Do not use the same anchor text when linking to your specific post.

How to create dofollow backlinks

After reading the above points, you might be thinking about building dolphin backlinks. Here many ways to got such links. One way is by commenting on comment love-enabled blogs. Comment Luv-enabled blogs typically provide free backlinks. Many of these blogs still offer nofollow backlinks, which is of no use. There is still a method by which you can identify whether the backlink is dolphol or noflo. This is good if your site gets a deflow link from a high PR website because it will pass more link content than a low PR website.

must read -

Follow high pr backlinks

Do not buy or sell dofollow links

Many websites offer paid dofollow links, although I suggest you stay away from such websites because instead of improving the page rank of your website you can damage your reputation in the eyes of a Google bot. And you can mark google bot as spam. Create quality backlinks by commenting or guest posting, these are still the most valuable and effective ways to improve site rank even after Panda and Penguin updates.

The conclusion

Retrieved from previous post. a) The anchor text has a healthy mix of dofollow and noflow with the target keyword. B) Do not buy links. 

Dofoolw Backlink app- DOWNLOAD

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