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Hyderabad Election

 We put an end to the emergence of the BJP as the largest party. The rest of the Countries can learn from TRS. Ms Kavitha said Hyderabad has shown the way to stop the BJP. AIMIM by Asaduddin Al Owaisi when the time comes to elects a new mayor.


However, Kavitha, the senior TRS leader, told rockmoney in an exclusive interview, "There is still some time for that. NDTV will debates and then make a decision.

Ms. Kavitha, who is also the daughter of Prime Minister K Chandrashikar Rao, said that while Tuesday's election result called for "some introspection" and fell short of party expectations, she indicated that TRS had lost at least a dozen wings. Margins.

The BJP parade the leaders and confused voters. It is the BJP's tactic to go aggressively everywhere we now understand the BJP's tactics. We will makes sure that we goes one steps further in 2023, she said, adding: "We are not a weak party. We are a well-organized party with 60 members and will strive to make sure we advance one step in 2023 (the assembly elections)."

We have manage to put an end to the BJP which is the emerging as the largest party. The rest of the countries can learn from TRS. Hyderabad has show the ways to stop the BJP, Kavita added.

TRS won 56 of the 150 wards in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) elections. The BJP won 48 seats and AIMIM retained 44 seats.

In the previous elections, the TRS scored 99 and the BJP only four. TRS has suffered a 40 percent drop from its 2016 stake, and will be looking back on its shoulders with government polls slated to take place in three years.

Kavitha admitted that TRS had not lived up to his expectations, however he noted that despite the BJP's campaign, it had succeeded in fights against the position to remain the largest party.

"TRS has stood its ground and is still the largest party. Some introspection is needed," she said.

In an intense polarization campaign, the BJP unleashed heavyweights - Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Union Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath - who focused on Pakistan, the Hindu-Muslim narrative and whether Hyderabad should change its name to Bhagyanagar.

The campaign also focused on what the BJP called an "unholy alliance" between TRS and AIMIM. The two parties were friendly even though they are not officially partners. This informal friendship is now likely to become formal, giving the BJP more ammunition ahead of the state elections.

A large part of the BJP's gains came from flood-affected areas in Hyderabad, as the party exploited public outrage over poor management of flood relief operations.

Kavitha responded to the suggestion that TRS could have done more to help voters there, saying that the state had not received "any assistance from the BJP government (at the center) during the floods".

"TRS has been able to provides relief even during the coronavirus pandemic. But the BJP has stopped our relief ... and we have been promised Rs 25,000 (compensation). Will the central leaders help Hyderabad now?" She asked.