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📢 Update #10 from KALEA: Turn kitchen waste into compost in only 48h


New Campaign Update!

The KALEA: Turn kitchen waste into compost in only 48h team just posted.

posted by KALEA

Sep 24, 2021 • 6:37AM PDT

COLOUR SCHEME UPDATE - vote your favourite ?

Hello compost lovers ?
And again a month is coming to an end. We don't know about you, but in our composting world, the weeks just rush by. We have a special request with this update - because we need your opinion. We have optimized a few things about KALEA in recent weeks with different consumer tests to make the use of our beloved composter as easy as possible. This is about things like loading, cleaning, taking out compost or filling up the water tank.
But besides all the technical facts, today is about one thing: our KALEA look. Inspired by a warm, timeless Scandinavian colour range, we have reworked KALEA a little bit in terms of colour.
So our question today: Which version do you like better? The base of both looks is an off-washed white. One variant is completed with a concrete gray, the other with a greige tone.
Vote for which design you like better. We have created a separate survey for this purpose. It's just one click away. We are very curious about your opinion ?
Thanks a million for your help and talk to you very soon!
Your KALEA Team

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