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📢 Update #3 from Lumina 4K Webcam: Look Great On Every Call With AI


New Campaign Update!

The Lumina 4K Webcam: Look Great On Every Call With AI team just posted.

posted by Lumina

Sep 24, 2021 • 8:01AM PDT

Update on our Indiegogo campaign

Hey everyone: 

This is Raymond at Lumina, and I wanted to share a few major updates to our Indiegogo campaign: 

1. This weekend, we're deploying a major software update that will drastically improve video quality, and will be releasing a new demo video on Monday. This software release will greatly improve our AI handling of brightness, colors, and background blur. This is part of the series of improvements we have planned prior to shipping our first batch of production units in October. 

With this update in place, we'll be sharing a side-by-side comparison of the Lumina versus a DSLR camera. Here's a preview of what to expect:

2. We're extending our Indiegogo campaign to let you to see our latest demo video before the campaign ends. Our goal at Lumina is to produce a webcam that makes you say "wow, this looks amazing!", and we won't settle until we get there. Our aim in next week's demo is to demonstrate the latest iteration of our technology and show how far we've gone. 

Accordingly, we'll be extending our Indiegogo campaign by 8 days until next Sunday, October 3. 

As a personal note: though building great hardware is hard, I can say with certainty that the technical team at Lumina is amongst the best I've worked with, and though it's not immediately obvious, they've has been cranking out incredible improvements week after week. By the time we ship in October, I'm confident we'll have a product that's a giant step above everything else on the market. 

To close out, for all existing backers, thank you for backing us -- your support means the world to us. This campaign extension will not affect your delivery time in any way, and orders will be processed in the order they were received. 

Cofounder at Lumina

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