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Re: Re: Re: Discontinuing Use Of Weak Security Protocol And Ciphers for TLS 1.2

Dear Team, Final reminder!!!! We have extended the below TLS Activity till 7th March 2021. All lower TLS protocols and weak ciphers suites will be disabled by end of 7th March 2021. Please ensure appropriate actions are taken at your end before final date. Steps to check confirm if this won't impact production environment : - Initiate a test transaction on below post action URL : and let us know if any discrepancy observed. - If any discrepancy observed.Please reachout ' ' for further assistance. - If transaction is smoothly processed on above end point URL.Please give a go ahead. Regards, CCAvenue Technical Team.

Master #20 - Shiva Manjunath from Gartner

What You're Doing Wrong in Your CRO Program Hi MD, Running a CRO program is one thing; making it a success, another. We've therefore invited Shiva Manjunath, CRO Program Manager at Gartner , to share lessons he has learned through years of managing CRO programs so that you don't hit the same pitfalls he did! Shiva will also talk about the data feeding into your program and about navigating the politics of experimentation. Besides the above, you will learn: Collaboration; which is the key to scaling your CRO program How to test to learn, not to win Long term CRO program optimization tips A must-watch for all CRO practitioners and everyone else involved in running experimentation programs. When: 3rd March 2021, 11 AM EST REGISTER NOW Thanks, Shanaz Khan, Marketing Manager, VWO VWO (A Wingify product) 14th Floor, KLJ Tower, Netaji Subhash Place Delhi-110034, India This email was sent to bablu.sahil786.rock

photography studio

Hi, Hope all is well. I am reaching you to check if you have photo shooting needs for your products. Our product photography studio is specially designed and outfitted with professional cameras, lighting, reflectors, diffusers, soft boxes, props, and all the tools needed to allow our team to take the product photos. When our ecommerce photography studio is combined with the experience and passion of our product photographers, and post production team we have everything needed to make your product looks good. Our studio utilizes the latest in photographic and digital technology. Our fully streamlined process allows us to produce a high quality product in a streamlined process, which in turn allows us to pass on the savings to you. Our post production editing process is state of the art. We use professional-grade displays and calibrate our monitors regularly using the very latest in advanced color calibration tools. Our photo studio is setup to provide highly

smart phone beamer

Hi, I Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I am contacting you to let you know that our new beamer arrived in our stock today. Ready to ship today. Specification: Native Resolution: Native 1920x1080P Brightness: 7000 Lumens Contrast ratio: 4000:1 The native 1920x1080p support HD beamer is perfect for watching movie and playing video games. With powerful 7000 Lumens brightness, the HD projector produces sharp image. The Projector is equipped with upgraded LCD and 7000 lumens to deliver premium picture and more expansive colour for a cinematic viewing experience. Use wifi wireless sync display your phone screen to big projector screen, you can play games, watch movies. Pricing for different quantity, including shipping. 1-10 pieces 389.90 per unit 10-100 pieces 359.90 per unit 100-1000 pieces 339.90 per unit If you would like to order it. Just respond to our email with your delivery address, we will ready the shipment. If you would like to order it. Just respond to our email

How to Use UX Research to Enhance Your Conversion Strategy: Expert opinion

VWO Masters of Conversion series Hi MD, If you're someone who takes decisions around website optimization based solely on quantitative visitor data, we've got news for you. Unless you understand the 'why' of visitor engagement, the 'how' is not likely to do much for you. To help you solve this problem, we've got Shannon Kelly, a member of the UXPA Cleveland board, and responsible for UX strategy, design, iteration, and optimization at OverDrive , for our upcoming webinar. In this #MastersOfConversion session, Shannon will tell you how you can use qualitative UX research alongside your quantitative data to help drive conversion rate optimization strategies. You'll learn: Why quantitative data isn't enough Instances where utilizing qualitative data can drive strategy Real-world examples where user experience research helped increase conversion rates Date & Time: 24th February 2021 | 11:00 AM EST REGISTER N