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Vestige marketing Pvt Ltd

Vestige is direct, selling company, like , Home, health,  beauty care,  cosmetics, etc. 


Vestige is the, large world wide, MLM, Network Marketing ,company. And Direct selling ,on Vestige Marketing. 

Hello, what is Vestige? How to make, money with Vestige? How to start, business in Vestige? How is Vestige business? How to earn, millions in less, time than Vestige? Here we, are giving, you information, about Vestige Marketing , Private Limited. What is vestige in hindi? - vestige kya, hai vestige kaise kare.
All information from the news portal channel Key Line Times.

How to earn lakhs of rupees from it >> Most people go to the Chowk after hearing this question. After all, how can you earn money from this? If you want to earn money from vestige pvt ltd then you can join Vestige. With the help of Vestige, you can earn unlimited money in Networking, for this you have to join it. - vestige kya hai vestige kaise kare,

Question 1: - What is special about VESTIGE? Why don't people understand its value?

Answer: -VESTIGE Business that does not make us customer, it makes us distributor and distributor who is distributor distributes the products. In normal life, a distributor means a party worth several crores.
Today if you go to take distributorship of 5-10 products in the market, you will have to deposit several crores of rupees in it and you will get a commission of one-quarter.
Today, if you go to the agency of Bata, in the market, the Bata person collects security of at least 25-30 lakhs from you, plus you have to open a showroom of several lakhs, the place should be good. . And here you are getting the agency of MORE THAN 350+ products in free, so people are not understanding its value. - vestige kya hai vestige kaise kare,

Question 2: - VESTIGE did not hear much name. How to get a lot of money in VESTIGE?

Answer - No product of VESTIGE gets ads. Neither TV Pay nor Radio Pay Na Hoardings will not appear in Na magazines, nor in newspapers. Neither came before nor comes nor will it ever come in life. This is to be advertised to DISTRIBUTORS of VESTIGE. Whatever money we get from VESTIGE is advertised by VESTIGE PRODUCTS. Get to do If COMPANY is advertised. If we had to sell the goods through it, then we do not need it, why will she give us back the money, she can also sell her goods by advertising. But the purpose and purpose of the company is something else, it wants to make every man of India financially independent, that's why he is selling goods from DIRECT SELLING's METHOD, so we have to do advertisement.

Question 3: How is VESTIGE Business?

Answer: - VESTIGE is not a business! This is a way to buy goods. Till now we only buy goods by paying money, but we also get money in vestige.

Question 4: - The goods of VESTIGE company are not good?

Answer: - VESTIGE is not a company!
VESTIGE is a brand created by VESTIGE INDUSTRIES! Just like RIN, HAMAM, REXONA, VESTIGE is also a brand! The products of VESTIGE are life changing products. Till date, no one product has been made in the whole world that can make a common man from zero to hero. Make a poor millionaire a product that has not been made till date, he makes only VESTIGE products that will fulfill your dreams. These products will fulfill the dreams of your children. These products will make you happy in life.

Question 6: - How to get money from VESTIGE?
Answer: - When a man does not buy the goods he needs from an unregistered consumer from a market shop, but as a registered consumer, he buys from his consumer number from FRANCHISE of VESTIGE, along with the purchase, he also gets the points of purchase which give him a Let's go towards a big amount! Just as buying a small ticket for a small amount of a bus, it takes the bus to the big city, in the same way, by buying a small amount of money here, this system leads a man towards the rich if he If you stay! - vestige kya hai vestige kaise kare,

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Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
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