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What is the meaning of G on Parle-G packet

GK Questions: What is the meaning of G on Parle-G packet?  Know the answers to such interesting questions:-

GK Tricky Questions: Questions from General Knowledge topic are asked in almost every competitive examinations.  For its preparation, students have often been seen taking help of thick books and competition guides.  But there is no fixed syllabus for this subject.  This is the reason that questions are asked from the General Knowledge subject only from the written examination till the written interview round.

The Civil Services Exam interview conducted by UPSC is considered to be the toughest as the officials ask awkward and confusing questions from the candidates.  IAS interview is the most important part of the exam process.  In the interview round, sometimes such questions are asked which are related to the things around us but we are not aware of them.  Let us know the answers to some such questions (GK Tricky Questions).

Question 1- Why are chilies hot?

 Answer- A compound called capsaicin in chili is responsible for the sharpness.

Question 2- What is called calculator in Hindi?

 Answer-Calculator is called calculator or calculator in Hindi.  The use of calculator has been going on since the 17th century with the word calculator.  No one takes its Hindi name.

Question 3- Who invented the first lipstick in the world?

 Answer- Arab scientist Abulkosis first invented solid lipstick in 9th AD.

Question 4- Which animal has the shape of a foot slipper?

 Answer: Paramecium.

Question- 5. What is the meaning of G on the packet of Parle-G?

 Answer- G stands for many in Parle G Biscuits.  Like Parle G was called Gluco which means Glucose till the 1980s, later it was also called G for Genius.

Question- 6. When was the atomic bomb dropped on Japan?

 Answer- In 1945.

Question- 7. What is the magnetic material found in the center of the earth?

 Answer- Nickel.

Question- 8. When was the peacock declared as the national bird of India?

 Answer- Due to the amazing beauty of the peacock, the Government of India declared it a national bird on January 26, 1963.

Question- 9. Where is the world's largest banyan tree?

 Answer- The world's largest banyan tree is in Howrah, West Bengal.  This tree is famous as 'The Great Banyan Tree'.  Let us tell you that this giant banyan tree is more than 250 years old.  This world's largest banyan tree is in Acharya Jagdish Chandra Bose Botanical Garden in Kolkata, India.  According to the information, this tree was established here in 1787.

Question- 10. Which gas is filled in the packet of chips?

 Answer – Nitrogen gas.  (Filling with nitrogen gas keeps the chips crunchy whereas if filled with oxygen gas, the chips will spoil soon).