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TV Reports about the Whole World Fund

Take a look how we help children with Whole World!
Yateem Khana Islamia (YI48482)
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TV Reports about Whole World

Dear Friends, a number of publications and reports about the charitable activities of the Whole World community have simultaneously appeared in the media in recent weeks.

​​​​​​​We propose you to watch news reports from Lipetsk and Voronezh about the work of the "A Step to Meet" project, which is being carried out with financial support of the Whole World charitable fund.

News report of the TV channel "Lipetsk Time"

Watch the report on YouTube

News report of the TV channel "41st channel. Voronezh"

Watch the report on YouTube

In these reports, Dr. Sergei Sorokin is telling about the orthopaedists' field work in regions within the framework of the "A Step to Meet" charity project and also telling about the unique technology of express orthotics, thanks to which ill children are provided with help onsite, and, what is most important, free of charge, thanks to our and your financial support!

Be sure to share the links to these videos with your partners, this will dispel their doubts about the existence of Whole World's charitable activities!

Bring kindness, it comes back!

Also, watch the video about the Whole World concept and think whether we are able to implement our plans...

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9 Years Together!
Sincerely, the Whole World Team
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