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📢 Update #17 from Scotsman All-Carbon Fiber Scooter


New Campaign Update!

The Scotsman All-Carbon Fiber Scooter team just posted.

posted by Emma Wilson

Aug 18, 2021 • 11:56PM PDT

Update #17: Professor Zack on Carbon Fiber composite


Dear Backers,


Welcome to Carbon Fiber 101! For this update, we would like to tell you more about carbon-fiber composite, the material we use to make your scooter, and why it's superior to other materials such as aluminum. Scotsman's entire frame is crafted from ultra-premium thermoplastic AS4 (aerospace grade) carbon fiber composite. But do you know the difference between traditional carbon fiber thermoset and the thermoplastic composite our scooter frames are made of?


Our Sr. Process and Materials Manager, Zack, explains it better than anyone in this video. Learn how we improved strength in tension, compression, and stiffness without compromising weight. All this leads to the strength-to-weight ratio that makes Scotsman so exceptional.


Watch on YouTube


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