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📢 Update #20 from JMGO O1 Pro- Ultra-short Throw Smart LED Projector


New Campaign Update!

The JMGO O1 Pro- Ultra-short Throw Smart LED Projector team just posted.

posted by JMGO Global

Aug 19, 2021 • 4:18AM PDT

Back to School! Learn from Home With JMGO O1 Series!

Dear JMGO O1 Series Fans,  

School term is about to begin! Nowadays, there are more technology and digital solutions to keep children learning anytime anywhere. However, virtual learning will drive the increase in eye strain.

Studies have shown LCD, LED, and all the other TV varieties emit blue light, which especially at night has detrimental effects on our health. Especially for young children, we don't want them to always glue to the screens. Whereas, consider learning from a projector where its indirect light is much gentler on the eyes. The light bounces off another surface (a projector screen or wall) before hitting the eyes; this surface absorbs some of those damaging wavelengths, reducing the amount of blue light that actually reaches the eyes.

Check out Big Bang Academy, an EdTech media company based in Hong Kong that offers fun and hands-on STEAM content to children 3-12 years and hear their experience teaching young children with JMGO O1. It makes a great teaching tool for them and they loved the children-friendly features. Will absolutely recommend it over a TV or tablet computer!

Big Bang Academy is now offering all JMGO O1 Series backers a 3-month free subscription on their Big Bang Lab – as a STEAM e-learning platform crafted by expert educators & researchers!

With this code: JMGO2021, you can redeem from Limited to 500 redemptions. Redemption is valid until the end of October. For redemption instructions, please check this link:

Safe online learning!

Without further ado, let's dive in!  

Watch on YouTube

Warmest regards,
JMGO Global Team

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